Formulae: Fresh Garlic, Dandelion Root, Golden seal, Cayenne, Fresh Ginger Root, Fresh Horseradish.

Available in: 2 oz/$20 4 oz/$35 8 oz/$65 16 oz/$105 32 oz/$210 Gallon/$630
Dry Kits Available: Small 4 oz/$40 Large 8 oz/$6

Therapeutic Action: Here is help for the common cold. The Fresh Garlic is one of the most powerful germ killers known to man, that in conjunction with the Golden seal, and Dandelion Root to purify the blood is a powerful antidote for whatever germs and viruses you have contracted. The Cayenne, Ginger root, and Horseradish provide excellent circulation of the blood throughout the body to get the germ killing agents to where they are most needed.

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