Nerve Regeneration Formula


Formulae: Skullcap Herb, Oat Seed, St. John's Wort Flower, Celery Seed, Black Cohosh Root, Gingko Leaf

Available in: 2 oz/$20 4 oz/$35 8 oz/$65 16 oz/$105 32 oz/$210 Gallon/$630
Dry Kits Available: Small 4 oz/$40 Large 8 oz/$60

Therapeutic Action: Skullcap Herb is naturally calming for those who are troubled by worry or emotional distress. Oat Seed is a source of Organic calcium which can easily be assimilated into the body and used to supply the important calcium need. St. John's Wort Flower, this valuable herb is a nervine. Celery Seed is known to be healing to the nerves., Black Cohosh Root contains antispasmodic properties, Gingko Leaf increases blood flow to the brain aiding in brain activity.

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