Book "Whatever Good May Come" by Dara Dietz

Back Cover Text: Dara Dietz begins her life story with a question: “How does one go from being a victim to a victor?” As a very young child, then through adolescence, she found herself trapped in a family environment as well as in a social religious community where she was neglected, betrayed and molested. She easily could have lost her way. She could have become an angry person, blaming others for all her misfortune and life circumstance. It would be easy to understand her emotion. Yet, her present life is one of counting her blessings and helping others heal naturally. What changed the direction of Dara’s life journey? She chose to believe and travel with the power of love, God's love---a love that at first was not always easy to understand, trust or accept. As her story reveals, it was Divinely life-transforming when she welcomed this unconditional love into her heart. Dara’s life lessons are about choices and how great trials can be great teachers; how the biggest hurts can be the biggest gifts. It is one’s choice how to learn the lesson. Her story illustrates how her spiritual courage enabled her to make choices that allowed for acceptance, forgiveness and to be in the flow of Whatever Good May Come. This inspiring book is a must-read for those who have been in or are now experiencing a situation and feelings where all hope may seem lost. It is a book for people who love such individuals.