400 count Jar: $50.00

TURMERIC IS A POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. It contains curcumin powder, which is a potent diarylheptanoid. These medicinal properties have been proven, peer-reviewed and published in over 5,600 bio-medical studies to help with rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation and joint pain.

IT'S ALSO A PROVEN IMMUNE BOOSTER. Turmeric's anti-oxidant qualities improve the health of cell membranes, which makes cells more resistant to infection and malignancies. As well as more common bothers like digestive or skin problems.

USED AS A WEIGHT MANAGEMENT TOOL, it has been proven effective in comparative studies with leading cholesterol medications. It boosts your burn rate, regulating your metabolism to reduce fat storage and giving you more energy to be active.

IMPROVES DIGESTIVE HEALTH. Turmeric is the perfect supplement to stimulate the production of bile in the liver, encourage cleansing and improving the body's ability to digest fats and excrete toxins.

TURMERIC ALSO HAS AN ANTI-DEPRESSANT EFFECT. The turmeric root extract has been proven as a standardized treatment to assist depression and lower stress by reducing blood pressure. It will also relieve chronic fatigue and support cellular defense from within.