Professional Membership

Annual Fee: $99.00

Renewal Gift: 8oz Herbal Extract or 8 oz. Dry Herbs Kit

Professional Rewards:

10% Discount on *Case Lot Purchases

12 count Herbal Extracts of equal size and value

12 count Dry Herb Kits of Equal size and value

12 count Salves of Equal Size and Value

15% Discount on Case Lot Purchases

12 count LBF #1 or #2 of Equal size, any mix of the formulas (CC, or with or without Cayenne)

12 Count Dry Teas any mix of 12 of equal size

6 count per case of the 4 Week Incurables kit or Liver or Kidney flush kits; any mix of the flush kits

Free Shipping

Free Shipping up to $20 to Members USA Addresses only. Postage Fees Apply to Dropped Shipped Orders.

Free Shipping up to $50 on orders over $1,000.00.

Access to Members Area

Life Style Counseling

Gifting Program

Orders over:

$100 Receive 2 oz. Herbal Extract

$200 Receive 4 oz. Herbal Extract or Dry Formula Herb Kit


Unlimited Buy 3 Get 1 Free on all Herbal Extracts all sizes up to a Gallon & Dry Formula Herb Kits

See Professional Membership pdf for all program details and limitations.