Incurables (Dry Herb kit Package) x


Dry Herb kit Package
Includes 9-4 oz kit [3 are Free!!]:
1 Kidney Bladder Formula
1 Cayenne
2 Detox Formula
1 L/G-A/P Formulae
3 Echinacea–Two are Free
1 kit your choice as Free Gift***
For those members working the incurable program setting the formula will bring your on-going monthly cost down to $184.00. Buying this dry herb kit package will provide you with all the herbal extracts needed to work the incurable program. Depending on how well you ‘squeeze off’ the formulas should last at least 6 months using 4 oz of each a month. We are including 3 kits of Echinacea which should be enough to use 4 oz each week [16 oz per month].
$240.00 (Save $120.00)
*Shipping prices higher for heavier items.
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